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Listing Plans


Optimised for Mobile - Ready or not, the Internet is going mobile. What that means is:

  • Right now, more than half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • If not now, very soon only mobile optimised pages will appear in the top rankings on Google when searched on a mobile device
  • Later this year, it is likely there will be more people viewing websites on a mobile device than on their desktop PC

Your listing page will look good on desktops but also be easily readable on smartphones and other mobile devices without the need to zoom or horizontal scroll.


FC Web Ads - More details about Franklin Community Web Ads will be provided in 2013.

Search Friendly URL - Your listing page will have a URL which includes keywords to help your search ranking. EG. /Pukekohe/Accommodation/Aveda rather than /PropertyID/282/Default.aspx

Mobile Search Submission - Your listing will be submitted to Google as a mobile friendly page to help improve the ranking of your listing in searches from mobile devices.

GPS Coordinates - Logitude and Latitude for copying or manual entry into vehicle GPS unit.

Unique Short URL - This is a manually configured short URL such as which will be directed to your listing. A short URL is useful when using Twitter or Facebook as it is consistent rather than auto generated. It will also allow small (25 x 25 block) QR Codes which are ideal for printing where size is important (eg. Coffee News and other publications).

Franklin Country Directory Listing Plans




Premium Gold
Cost per Year:    $220 $440 $770
Cost per Month:    $20 $40 $70
Local Listings
Feature Listings  
Mobile Directory    
Top Ranking      
*FC Web Ads      
Menu Details        
Phone number  
Short Description    
Freephone/Mobile number      
Contact Name      
Listing Details        
Email Contact Form      
Phone number
Google Map Link  
Mobile number  
Contact Name  
Short Description  
Logo/Photo Slideshow   1 Logo 7 images 25 images
Website & Link  
Email Address & Link    
*Optimised for Mobile    
Link to your Twitter page    
Skype button    
Link to your Facebook page    
YouTube Video    
Detailed Description    
*GPS Coordinates    
*Mobile Search Submission      
*Search Friendly URL      
*Unique Short URL      
*Document Downloads      
*Streaming Video      
Cost per Year:    $220 $440 $770
Cost per Month:    $20 $40 $70






All prices are exclusive of GST